Intro - Who I Am and Why I'm Here

This is my first blog post. Today is November 25, 2019. Who am I? I’m an entrepreneur, physician assistant, and Air Force reserve officer (previously active duty). Ultimately, I’m creating this blog as a way of keeping track of and documenting my progress. I’ve never done this in the past and my family and friends have always encouraged me to do this. So here I am. I’d also like this to serve as a portfolio of sorts (both as a portfolio holder, along with Github, and as a portfolio piece in and of itself). I consider myself to primarily be an entrepreneur. I created a product-based business 2 years ago and we are currently in the process of selling off the business (details to come). At that point, I will be free to quit my primary job and indulge more in my passion. What is my passion? Well, my passion is responsible for the creation of this site – programming. Specifically, I chose Python as my first programming language. It is very sleek and elegant, but is also less strict than, say, C++. I’ve been learning the language for the past 3 months, at which time I started taking an online introductory class through Oakton community college. I am doing so in an attempt to eventually start Georgia Tech’s Online Masters of Computer Science with a specialization in machine learning. I plan on creating a significant portfolio on this website and I will likely contribute projects to other companies that are owned by friends of mine. Anyway, after a few weeks, I was able to get this site online and working with Python on the backend through Django framework, a Linode server, and Linux operating system. All of this was very challenge and I will say that I absolutely love Linux. This is so much better than the Wordpress and Shopify-based sites that I had with my business. And it loads with lightening speed. Very cool! On the front end, I used mostly HTML and CSS with very minor inclusions of Javascript. I must say that I am not much of a fan of front end development. I just don’t find it to be as interesting or fun as backend work. In any event, I was pleasantly surprised to figure out how much can be accomplished with just CSS alone. To this end, Javascript, so far, has been more of an afterthought. Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to make weekly posts that are a bit more interesting and informative than this one.

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